Holistic leadership, wellness & life coaching



The Bold Collaborative is here to help go-getter leaders build an empowered relationship with their stress so they can achieve (and be present for) what matters most!

The use of holistic coaching principles combined with our fierce knowledge of the corporate setting make us a unique coaching platform - we like to say we work with our clients to holistically get stuff done.

What We Do

Through 1-on-1 life coaching, small group workshops, and corporate facilitation, we help individuals, teams, and organizations gain the knowledge and skills required to make lasting change.

Our goal in partnering with clients is to impact how people see and experience the world in a way that decreases stress and increases joy, health and wellness. 

Our individual coaching and group programs offer you a deep dive into tools and practices to shift your perspective so you can quit living the life you think you “should be” living and design a life that lets your passion and purpose shine boldly. 

What Can You Expect?

The Bold Collaborative offers the support and space you need to bring bold clarity to what it is you really want and provides the coaching and tools to help you build a path forward to achieve sustained results.  

You'll build awareness and presence around what it is you really want in life (career, relationships, health, etc.). 

Dig through those goals you think you “should” or “need to” have and design the goals, and the life, you want to have. 

Discover and define the WHY behind your goals and what’s getting in your way of achieving them! 

Develop an empowered, actionable path to achieve those goals and to build your own personal brand of success