The nourished leader coaching collaborative

Ready to live your healthiest, most empowered life along with a squad of other incredible female leaders? 

Feeling like you're living in survival mode 24/7?

If you’re a go-getter leader, recovering perfectionist (oh hey, me too!), are feeling exhausted by the pace and stress of career and life, and know something needs to change, I’ve got you

During this 6 month program, you’ll take a deep dive into understanding where you are today, get crystal clear on where you want to go, and pinpoint how you want to FEEL along the way! All while in the company of other women who share similar values and are navigating similar paths! 

There is undeniable power in showing-up for yourself, being seen and heard by others while being part of a community that fosters collaborative learning and transformation.

I’d love to have the opportunity to support you in this intimate group coaching program focused on helping you live your most nourished life - both on and off the plate.  


The Nourished Leader Is Right for You If You...


  • Are a leader (in career or life) who has your stuff together on paper, but inside you feel like there's something more that's just waiting to shine!
  • Know chronic stress is all-too-familiar and you are eager to roll-up your sleeves and truly master your mind, body, career, and life. 
  • Have a to-do list full of shoulds and self judgement and you are Ready. For. A. Shift. 
  • Crave a dependable community of powerhouse women who show-up to support and learn from one another while navigating similar situations.
  • Love the idea of blending personal growth and development with lots of humor and a ton of fun!

Program Benefits

  • The Nourished Leader Coaching Collaborative will provide you with simple frameworks to enhance your mindset and habits which can be applied to ALL aspects of your life.  
  • Discover what’s really holding you back, what’s ready to shift and understand exactly where you can take action to live your most nourished life.
  • Learn how to tap into and trust your intuition so you can make decisions from your most authentic self.
  • You’ll start seeing rapid, sustainable results in mind, body, career & life if you show up for each session.
  • Receive a game changing mix of information, inspiration and community that will allow you to experience a broadened sense of success and accomplishment.  




  • Two 60 minute LIVE virtual coaching sessions per month. Each call will offer a combo of group and individual coaching, deep dives into tools and practices to shift your perspective so you can quit living the life you think you should be living and design a life that lets your passion and purpose shine boldly. 
  • Direct access to guest coaches (experts in health, wellness, leadership & personal development) who will be joining us for intimate teachings, conversations and Q+A. These women are seriously amazing!
  • Interesting resources (blogs, articles, podcasts) that I feel would resonate with the group and be supportive of your goals.
  • An invitation to a private Facebook group so we can stay connected, share and celebrate one another between virtual sessions.
  • Email + text support between sessions.
  • Session recordings sent straight to your inbox.

BONUS: Three 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions throughout the program for the first 3 women who register. You’ll navigate blocks and have a chance to get laser-focused, personalized coaching ($340 value).  ALL SPOTS FILLED.

Applications are open! Secure your spot by october 2nd!

I’m only accepting a small number of women into this high-level community so we can fully show-up and hold space for each amazing person in the group.

Applications will be reviewed and spots will be reserved on a first come basis. If you’re interested in joining The Nourished Leader Coaching Collaborative, please complete the application as soon as possible but no later than October 2nd.

Once you apply, I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to schedule a phone call where we’ll talk through your goals, challenges and questions you have for me about The Nourished Leader Coaching Collaborative experience. From there, we’ll work together to decide if this feels like the right fit and the right timing for you. 

The program starts Friday, October 4th with an optional bonus call on Friday, September 27th.

Please click "Join The Nourished Leader..." below to submit your application today & I'll be in touch shortly!

Working with Katie gave me the tools to use to figure out why I was feeling certain ways, ideas of things to do to cope with my anxiety, show me that it’s ok to feel certain ways and to not be so hard on myself. I am more conscious of my emotions and really allow myself to be me, do what I want to do and not apologize for it or feel bad doing it. Katie helped me through an incredibly tough time in my life and I’m so, so happy I chose to take that path! 


Katie was able to help me work towards my goals by prying into the "whys". She takes time to really understand my current situation, how I operate as an individual and coach me in ways that I can understand certain things and have a perspective of things from a different angle. Since working with Katie, the most significant change I have noticed has been...knowing that I have support and guidance from a neutral ground. We are 7 days a week, 24/7 so my time to catch a breather is incredibly hard to do but Katie has made me realize I have to prioritize what makes me happy, what makes me relaxed, and spend time with people that re-charge my mental and emotional well-being. She reminds me that work will always be there, and to make sure that my stability is my first priority. 


Katie was truly a beacon of light for me... She helped provide a sense of clarity that I couldn't find myself. I wholeheartedly recommend Katie to anyone who is feeling "stuck" or "lost" in their career. Talking to Katie has helped me better understand what is important to me as I look for my next step. Katie is an awesome mentor, and it doesn't hurt that she's hilarious too! 




Have a specific question about the program that isn't answered above? Send an email my way and I'm happy to provide additional details!


I'm so excited to work with you!